Pathfinder - Council of Thieves

Circus in Town
Sounds like tears of j... no... just tears.

The circus came to Westcrown. The players decided to adventure into the circus and have some fun before the evening of Aberian’s Folly. At first, the circus seemed fun. But after awhile, strange things seemed to be afoot at the Circus-K.

Within the ice maze, the heroes took down a jack-in-the-box and a minotaur. There was also a sleigh ride that was launching the riders into piles of other dead corpses. Things were gruesome. The heroes signaled the evil-doers to leave via a mass-messaging stone.

After the circus left, there was great devastation in Westcrown and the heroes helped as much as they could. A small investigation led to a few particularly odd clues. The first being a coin that had the symbol of Geb on one side and the other side, the symbol of the Worldwound.

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The Story So Far

The campaign started when the original five players, [insert tags to the PCs here], were approached by a woman named Janiven. She addressed to them some concerns she had about the House of Thrune and asked them to meet her at Vizio’s Tavern at about 4 o’clock.

There she invited them into a new and secret group of concerned citizens of Westcrown who seek to return the city to a place of safety, justice, and honor after a century of strife and oppression. Their meeting was interrupted by the arrival of Hellknights bent on capturing the “rebels.” After a dangerous flight through the city sewers, the PCs reached an old Shrine of Aroden that Janiven’s group uses as a safe house, only to learn that Janiven’s mentor and the group’s leader, a cleric of Iomedae named Arael, had been captured by the Hellknights. The PCs took part in a daring rescue, humiliating the Hellknights and returning to Westcrown with Arael safe and sound.

Arael reported that just before his capture, he’d discovered the location of a secret hideout used by the Bastards of Erebus, a violent gang of tiefling bandits who had recently been raising hell in Westcrown. Using this information, the PCs sought out the base and confronted the Bastards of Erebus. It was here the group of five split into two and three. The three found a thug, who joined the league. The four then because known as the Four Horsemen (Trailer for a great movie, from which the reference of the Four Horsemen comes, rent it and watch it if you are looking for a FUNNY movie). With the defeat of the bandits, the PCs and their allies took the first step toward becoming heroes of the city, and thus the first step toward Westcrown’s redemption. Unfortunately, the defeat of the Bastards also revealed that there may be a deeper problem facing Westcrown. The legendary thieves’ guild known as the Council of Thieves may be alive, well, and plotting something against the city.

Impressed by the defeat of the Bastards of Erebus, the leaders of the Children of Westcrown asked the PCs to meet with one of their greatest allies, Pathfinder Ailyn Ghontasavos. Ailyn believes that the key to vanquishing the shadow beasts lies somewhere deep in Westcrown’s sealed Pathfinder Lodge, but before anyone should dare brave the grounds of this building, the keys to its locks and the history of what actually befell the lodge must be recovered. Such keys and history are claimed to be kept safe within the vault of Westcrown’s leadership, Mayor Aberian Arvanxi

In order to infiltrate the mayor’s manor and search it for these keys and notes, the PCs must joined a theatrical troupe, posed as actors, and braved a play no one had ever survived in order to be invited into the mayor’s home to celebrate the production’s success. The PCs survived and now await to gain access to the mayor’s manor.


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