Welcome to The Council of Theives – Shelyn Loves You

Much has happened in the campaign so far, and everything still applies. I think it will be handy to use a tool such as Obsidian Portal. It will help manage our campaign a little better.

I will be posting some tips here on the home page to help everyone navigate around the site. The Wiki section will become important as we adventure along. It will be a collaboration of whatever you guys want to post as well as my postings of such things as information about NPCs, landmarks you may come across, etc. I will also tell the group when I add things that are crucial. But you guys can also post information about important items that each of you have, etc.

Here is a link to the Wiki. There are some bits of useful information in there that could be important. If you are not familiar with editing wiki pages, it gives some basics on how and what you can do within the wiki page. Feel free to mod it all you like.

In this campaign, we have talked a lot about Shelyn. Check out this link if you would like to better understand Shelyn.

Also, check out the Characters section. This is where I will store all the NPCs. There are links within the Wiki to some of the important NPCs (Janiven and Arael), and some of the most recent NPCs (Robahl Nonon, Thesing Umbero Ulvaud, Calseinica Nymmis, and Aberian Arvanxi). In the Characters section, you can also add in your characters. This way we can add references to them in the Wiki and Adventure Log at later dates.

Pathfinder - Council of Thieves

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