Pathfinder - Council of Thieves

Circus in Town

Sounds like tears of j... no... just tears.

The circus came to Westcrown. The players decided to adventure into the circus and have some fun before the evening of Aberian’s Folly. At first, the circus seemed fun. But after awhile, strange things seemed to be afoot at the Circus-K.

Within the ice maze, the heroes took down a jack-in-the-box and a minotaur. There was also a sleigh ride that was launching the riders into piles of other dead corpses. Things were gruesome. The heroes signaled the evil-doers to leave via a mass-messaging stone.

After the circus left, there was great devastation in Westcrown and the heroes helped as much as they could. A small investigation led to a few particularly odd clues. The first being a coin that had the symbol of Geb on one side and the other side, the symbol of the Worldwound.



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